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I’ll hit 100k followers in 16 days. That’ll be a year and 3.5 months since I tweeted my first tweet. And now I’ve decided to tell you exactly how I did it. This is for PROFESSIONALS only. An advanced 6-step roadmap. Newbies will gain nothing from it. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

First I need you to understand awareness levels. There are 5. • Unaware • Problem aware • Solution aware • Product aware • Most aware. Or using a different framing: • Top of funnel • Middle of funnel • Bottom of funnel. Why do you need to know this?

Top of funnel tweets and threads get you followers. Middle of funnel tweets and threads position you as an expert and get your audience to connect to YOU as a person. Moving followers into raving fans. Bottom of funnel is where you sell. Now. Let’s match the two models:

Unaware + Problem aware = Top of funnel. Solution aware = Middle of funnel. Product aware + Most aware = Bottom of funnel. Makes sense? Now. Let me share the 6 steps that’ll turn you into an authority in your niche… … Using MY exact method.

But remember: This is for professionals only. People who already have a high-income skill AND experience. Ok? Let’s go:

1. Decide who you are. Pick ONE niche. For me? That one niche was copywriting. You want to be knows as the “your profession guy”. That doesn’t mean you only tweet about that one profession. No. I’m the copywriting guy. And this thread is about Twitter growth. Why?

Because you want to cast the net as wide as you can when you’re doing TOF content. Yes. This thread is top-of-funnel. It’s designed to get me more new followers. But that’s not all. Because this is not ONLY a top of funnel thread. Right?

This is a TOF+MOF thread. It’s targeting an unaware AND problem aware audience. But it’s also showing my expertise. Unlike what most others are doing. Which is telling you a story about another brand. “How (known company) did X). Makes sense? Now. Why do I do that?

2. Disqualify. When you mix TOF and MOF together in your TOF content… You also share your personality. What that does is turn an unaware audience immediately into raving fans. Yes. I skip a step. But it also pushes away people who are NOT like me. Example?

I don’t vibe with people who call their girlfriends “my hoe” and try to be with as many women as they can. That’s not my crowd. So I’d mention my wife or my personality in as many places as I can. Including my TOF content. Why do I do that? Except for skipping a step?

People who are not my tribe will not buy from me. They’ll follow and forget. And my goal is not to inflate my follower count. My goal is to get as many people who VIBE with me as I can. Which leads us to the next point:

3. Distribution over frequency. When you do SEO (classical website SEO to rank on Google)… You know that for each piece of content you write… You need to spend 10x the time to get other websites to promote your article. And it’s the same on Twitter:

Network with people who vibe with you from day one. Retweet their stuff. They’ll return the favor when you keep engaging and having private conversations with them. 1 RT from a big account can be the difference between a success and a failure of a thread. Now…

4. All you’re doing on Twitter should position you as an expert of ONE thing. If you do SEO? You should be the go-to guy. Same with editing. Or design. Or any other skill. But what if you’re a copywriter and you don’t wanna directly compete with me? This is what you do:

You pick a sub-niche for what you wanna be known for. For example: I didn’t start out as “the copywriting guy.” No. I started as “the guy who tells real-life stories about copywriting.” Why? I didn’t wanna compete with the giants. But then there’s a pivot point:

Once you grow enough… You can decide to break out of your shell and go for the whole industry. That’s exactly what I did. I became “the copywriting guy” at some point. “But you’re a copyTHINKER George. Not a copywriter.” Right. Which leads us to the next step:

5. Once you grow enough… The RIGHT WAY… You have a TON of people who like and trust you. They’re raving fans. And you love and appreciate them for that. You become the tribe leader. The guy people follow and adopt their thoughts. Then…

You can literally turn your industry upside-down. You’re witnessing it right now with the copyTHINKING movement. And that’s where you go from a commodity to an industry of one. There is no more competition. You’re playing the game ALONE. Cool ha? And here’s how you do it:

6. Understand dynamics. Twitter is a social game. And we’ve already discussed networking for growth. But there’s more. Once you understand the dynamics of Twitter… You can play into them. And borrow authority while growing FASTER. Here’s how:

People on Twitter are always hunting for more. • More exposure. • More social status. • More connections. And you can leverage that. You know the lists where people go “the 10 business accounts you should follow”? Well… That’s the goldmine. Here’s why:

Those are usually big accounts. And they have a ton of authority and eyeballs. Every time you get on that list? Your followers blow up. But how do you get on the list? There are two things you need to remember:

6a. Stay top of mind. Write at least 2 HIGH QUALITY threads per week. That makes the big account remember you. And add you to their lists. 6b. Work HARD on positioning yourself as the go-to guy (or gal) in ONE specific niche or sub-niche. Makes sense?

I’ll soon hit 100k. And I’ve NEVER spend ANY money getting here. Yeah. • No ads. • No paid retweets. • Never asked anyone to retweet me. And you can do it too. If… If you’re a professional. Because like I said… This WON’T work for beginners. Now…

This is where I’ll thank you for reading and remind you to follow me @GrammarHippy if you’re not yet following. But also… Something big is coming at 100k. Wanna help me get there faster? Make sure to RT this thread. Thanks. Appreciate you 🤝

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