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29 days ago

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How would you market an unsexy product… Which is difficult to link to a direct ROI… Like web-design? Here’s my thinking process and how I would approach marketing such a service: >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

First let me tell you how I wouldn’t market it… The way everyone else does: “We’re the best design agency that’ll increase your conversions to the moon.” Yuck 🤢 But why not? Well… Here’s why:

Marketing an unsexy service with a direct claim… That overpromises results… Will only work on unaware clients. Small businesses. Or dumb businesses. Usually. The problem? They’re difficult clients who can’t pay much. So far makes sense? But it gets better:

Lately I shared a new copythinking exercise with you. One where you should market web-design… But you’re not allowed to connect it to a direct ROI or any money talk. You can see the exercise below. And there’s a good reason for why I gave you that specific handicap:

I want you to learn how to think. Not just slap on a hook we have all seen a million times… With an over-the-top stupid claim… Getting the promotion to flop. So… How would I market such a service? My thinking process would have 3 steps in it. Here they are:

1. Identify a HIGH-quality client who might need my work. A SPECIFIC client. You see… I don’t wanna sell web-design. I don’t wanna compete with huge agencies with a metric ton of social proof. No. I want to carve my own sub-niche. Here’s how:

Think: who’s a specific client that could benefit from my service? Here’s one I’d choose: Copywriters. They need web design. But… They need specific web design. Tailored to their specific needs. Speaking in their own language. Which leads us to the next step.

2. Study their EXISTING beliefs. That’s easy. Just follow a couple of copywriting accounts on any social media. See what they believe in. See what they don’t believe in. And then… Play INTO their beliefs. Connect your service with their beliefs. How?

3. Inflate their ego while positioning your service as secondary. Secondary… But CRUCIAL for their PRIMARY skill. Are you confused? Let me show you exactly how I’d do it. Step-by-step:

Service: web design. Target client: copywriters. Their beliefs: WORDS convert. NOT design. Their primary skill: writing words. My skill: design. Let’s connect it all:

My design will help your words convert. BOOM! We use THEIR beliefs to inflate THEIR ego by providing our SECONDARY skill. So how do you turn this into a hook or an offer? Easy. But remember our handicap: NO conversion rate talk. Remember? So here’s the hook/offer idea:

Your words make people buy. But… Do your readers READ your words? Some do. Some don’t. Right? That’s because words can’t make them read more words. But design can. Introducing: the ONLY design agency that uses MINIMALISTIC design that gets your words read.

Now. How do you turn that into an offer? Simple. A claim + guarantee. … We’ll make your visitors read AT LEAST 20% more of your sales page or your money back. … See why that’s smart? Here’s why:

You’re targeting people with money. High-quality clients. And you’ve tailored an offer SPECIFICALLY for them. But the best part? You’re not making over-the-top money claims. Like all the other “spammers” are. Instead? You let them IMAGINE:

A 20% increase of average read could potentially lead to a 20% increase in conversions. But… That might not be the case. So instead of hand-cuffing yourself to a monetary deal where you might lose… You’re offering a deal where you can only win. If you’re good. Makes sense?

And the best part: We didn’t say a single word about conversions. Or money. Now. You can do the same process in any market. Any niche. With any service. And that’s the point. THINK.

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