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Do you make these mistakes in your marketing? Here are 26 mistakes and how to fix them. Took me 10 years of courses and mentorships worth $100,000+ to learn. >>> A Thread 🧵<<<

1. Do you focus on copywriting or offer creation? The market you’re selling in is more important than the offer which is more important than the way you sell it. Market > Offer > Copywriting.

2. Have you tried to sell prevention? The best thing to sell is a painkiller (burning problem). Not a vitamin (prevention). Solve a problem that’s urgent Now. If possible.

3. Have you not built enough proof? Proof is more important than good copywriting. If you’re solving a burning pain problem and people don’t buy it’s because they don’t believe you.

4. Ever tried to sound smart? Good copywriting does not equal clever copywriting. It’s in fact the opposite in most cases. Clarity > Cleverness

5. Had small CTA buttons on your sales/landing pages? Have a clear and big call to action. Make it stand out. People often can not find it and therefore don’t buy.

6. Never checked your site/page speed? Sites that load slowly do not sell. People have a limited attention span and will leave before it loads if it takes too long.

7. Have you not addressed the risk? A good guarantee will do more for you than editing and re-editing the sales message for hours. Reverse the risk. Make it a no-brainer.

8. Tried to sell only the core of the product? Use stacking. Add bonuses and extra materials/services to increase the perceived value of your offer. Value = Perceived value = stacking.

9. Didn't give people a good reason to buy NOW? Urgency and scarcity are crucial. People who want to buy often need that little kick in the butt to take action NOW.

10. Ever thought like you need to hard sell? Don’t sell whenever possible. What you want to do is make the prospect TRY what you’re selling. Therefore frame the closing pitch as a trial. Not a definite sale.

11. Ever tried to optimize something with no context? What happens before the click matters. The sale starts before the person clicks the link in the email or ad. A good sales page won’t sell with a bad ad or email.

12. Have you tried building a one-product funnel? The money is made in the back-end with 90% or more of every single ad you see online. Make sure to have upsells and retargeting/email marketing set up.

13. Missed the step to making even more money? Even more money is made with a community. Communities are the fuel that keeps the group running and keeps you top-of-mind for your next sale.

14. Have you tried going with fluff motivation? Find the below-the-surface motivation for someone to buy. People don’t buy diet products to lose weight. They buy them because they feel bad. Or want to attract a partner. Or are afraid to die. Find and use the real motivation.

15. Didn't know when to niche down? Always try to niche down when selling a high-ticket product. Always try to go as broad as possible when selling a low-ticket product. Unless the goal of the low-ticket is to get people in the door for the high-ticket.

16. Didn't understand why your low-ticket product stopped selling? Tripwire products (low-ticket - first sale) are like socks. They stop being functional (people stop buying) and then you replace them. The goal is to get people in the door to sell them your “hero product”.

17. Tried to model and sell something everyone else is? New is always better. A new product or angle or framing will always sell better as long as it’s done right. Jump on opportunities to innovate. Always.

18. Didn't think of HOW people consume your sales message? Design and formatting matter. People can’t read a black-and-white paragraph that’s never-ending. But if the design is too good then people will look at it and forget about reading. Design is there to support the copy.

19. Focused on branding and awareness? The best place to play the marketing game is an impulse buy. If you can sell a product that’s an impulse buy you can ignore “branding” and “awareness” altogether in the beginning. Therefore you don’t have to raise money.

20. Asked mom for advice? The best way to get good at marketing is to learn the basics and then ruthlessly practice in the real world. Not on drafts. The market will tell you how good you are. Not your friends or mom. If you wanna progress faster then get a mentor.

21. Tried to do it all on your own? Network. You always need other professionals like developers and designers to support your marketing efforts. Otherwise you’ll get stuck.

22. Waited to finalize the product before launching? Sell before you build. Even if you don’t have the product yet. Refund if needed. Then build. Only after you’ve been able to establish a proof of concept.

23. Didn't check for competitors? Your competitors are the best market research tool you have. They’ve gone through all the trouble. Study them. There’s usually a good reason as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.

24. Thought you were a business person? Marketers think they’re business people. They’re not. Being able to market a product and building a business are two different skills.

25. Felt like you can't learn a skill you needed? You can learn any new marketing skill within a week. Buy 3-5 of the best books on the topic and you’ll have most of the info you need. Or you can pay for a consultation call to shorten the learning curve.

26. Ever tried using formulas? Formulas are the death of any marketer. They switch your attention from THINKING to filling in the blanks. No good marketing campaign was ever built by filling-in-the-blank. Ever.

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