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Copythinkers! Today's task: You're selling book-ghostwriting. Task: Write a sales message to convince high-level CEOs to use YOU. Handicap: You're a SILENT copywriter. You can NOT use any of the thoughts in your head. No claims or opinions. Only facts you can PROVE. Go!

Help: Imagine yourself standing in a room filled with your potential prospects. You have a presentation with FACTS. You can't speak. Only point a finger at those facts. What would those facts be... if you wanted to build an air-tight case to use your service?

The number of people who have answered this shows you just how difficult it is for people to write copy with no hype. No "THE ONLY THING BETTER THAN SPENDING MONEY ON PAID ADS THAT'LL PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON HYPERGROWTH BLA BLA BLA". Class... We have a lot of work to do.

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