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An offline pet store owner asked me how to market his store. I shared 4 tips with him: 1. Borrow authority 2. Use bait 3. Open the wallet 4. Personalize. Here’s how: >>>A copyTHINKING thread 🧵<<<

Here’s the story. I have a dog. Just moved to a new apartment… And wanted to found a cool pet store to buy some food for the doggy 🐕 . On the way to the new office I stumbled upon a pet store. Walked in… And met the owner. We started talking… like I do… Then…

He heard I do marketing. And started spilling his guts. It was his dad’s store and now he took over. The store is located on a crowded street. Literally 10,000 people walk through every single day. But… Only a couple dozen walk in. He wanted to fix that. So he asked me…

I walked around a bit… Saw that he had a big sign outside. One he was using poorly. Had a generic message written on it. Something like “Get your favorite pet’s food here. Walk in…” Just like everyone else. Right? So here’s what I told him. Step-by-step:

1. Borrow authority. Go and find which pet food is trying to get branding RIGHT NOW. Who’s spending a ton on TV commercials right now? Who’s trying to get their name out there? Find them. And tell them this: “Let me sell your food in my store. But there’s one condition:

You have to give me small sample packages to give out for free.” Not a difficult task as every company wants to get your dogs hooked on their specific food. Kinda like drugs. Ok. Found one? Cool. Then move to step two.

2. Use bait. Have a big photo of the brand’s name on your sign outside. People are seeing them on TV right now so it’s fresh in their minds. But also… Have text on the sign that says “free sample inside with no strings attached.” Good. Then…

3. Instruct your employees to sell something with the sample. Something super cheap. A dollar or less. Instruct them to say “you can get this (item) for $1 only when you get the free sample”. No pushing. Just comfortably say it. Why should he do that?

Because very few people will pay $1 and leave the store. The moment their wallet is already open… They’ll look around and go “oh now that I think about it? I also need this…” Good. We’re upselling. And it’s easy to upsell once the wallet is open. Then…

4. Personalize. While the buyer is looking around… ask them a couple of friendly questions. Create a connection. Be interested. Let them talk about their favorite thing in the world. Their pet. This is easy. But why do you do that?

It’s because then you can offer more and more products. “Oh this (item) is perfect for a chihuahua. Especially now in the winter. Did you know that your dog is freezing at night? You probably saw how it’s shivering…” Now that you got all the steps in… Bonus step:

5. Collect their data. Email. Phone number. Whatever. Do whatever you can to get that info. Offer something for free in exchange if needed. Bribe ‘em. And then add them to a mailing list and segment according to dog type/food/etc. Then…

You can keep marketing to them. Making them come again and again. But also… Give them discounts for referrals. This way you could quite literally make each person spend $1,000/yr AND refer 10 more to do the same. But there’s more. Another bonus step:

6. Affiliate offers. Partner up with the local vet. The local pet grooming service. Bump up your revenue by marketing them too. And that’s how you turn a nobody-knows-about-you business… Into the local go-to giant. Easy. Isn’t it? You can do the same with ANY business.

Oh and by the way… This is also the answer to yesterday’s copythinking exercise.

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