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The best investors know that "market selection" is more important than "asset selection." The same thing is true when looking for a job. The industry you pick is key to future growth and income. Let me explain 👇🏼

As a job candidate, you are going to invest your single most valuable asset — your time. You have to think like an investor. Investors seek out the markets where economic value is being created and captured.

Investors know that market selection is the most important aspect of investing. It is more important than the exact company or asset selection within the market. Same for your job. Old saying goes "Good team, bad market? Market wins. Bad team, good market? Market wins."

The fastest growing industry in the world right now is bitcoin and crypto. There has been more than $1 trillion created over the last few years. This is why so many intelligent people are flocking to the space. They want to invest their time where the economic incentives are.

A big advantage of joining a fast-growing industry like bitcoin & crypto is the companies hire quickly. When companies expand rapidly, existing employees have the opportunity to move up the organization faster than in a big company. Talented people love this & take advantage.

One of the big obstacles for people trying to transition into bitcoin & crypto right now is that they aren't confident in their crypto knowledge. They are good at marketing, sales, ops, CX, etc. But they feel their industry knowledge is lacking.

This is why our team worked with many of the top HR teams in the industry to create a 3-week intense training program to solve this problem. You can go from knowing literally nothing to passing interviews at the industry's largest companies.

We have helped 1 person every 3 days(!) get a new job in the industry through our training program. It includes resume review, interview prep, and much more. The next cohort starts in October. APPLY HERE:

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