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On the pod we did a recap on Sara's List. Goal: show startups that: - are stable-ish startups - pay a very competitive salary - w/ great benefits - but can still make you a millionaire because the equity can 5-10x Here's a 1 year update on our picks.

1. Flexport: Value at pod: $3.2b. 2019 when Softbank invested $1B at Series D) Now: $8B. $935M Series E in Feb. 2022. Growth: 2.5x

2. Zapier: Value at pod: $5.1B. ARR of $140M. Now: Hasn't raised another round. Growth: No change. Some valued Zapier higher at ~$7B based on a 5-year revenue forecast that has Zapier growing 30-50% over the next 5 years.

3. Uniswap: Value at pod: est. $45M-$60M range at Aug. 2020, $11M Series A (a16z) Now: unknown Did $1B of revenue in 2021 Growth: Crypto's in the toilet, so unsure.

4. Anduril: At Pod: $4.65B (had just raised) Now: March 2022 Anduril is looking to raise up to $1.2B, at a $7B pre-money val Growth: ~2x

5. Replit: At Pod: Feb. 2021 Series A of $20M. So maybe $100m? Now: 3 months after pod in Dec. 2021 raised Series B - $80M (Coutue), $800M valuation. Growth: 8x

6. Airtable: At Pod: $5.7B Now: $11.7B. 3 months after pod in Dec. 2021 raised Series F, $735M) Growth: 2x

7. Figma: At pod: $2 billion. Now: $20b sold to Adobe) Growth: 10x

8. Rippling: At Pod: $1.3B Now: $11.25B . 2 raises since pod Growth: 8.5x

9. OpenStore: At Pod: $250M Now: 2 months after pod in Nov. raised $75M at $750M val. Just raised $32M in Aug. 2022 (val unknown) Growth: 3x

10. Faire: At Pod: $6.7B Now: $12.6B. 2 raises since pod Growth: ~2x

11. NexHealth At Pod: $430M Now: $1B Growth: 2.3x

12. OneTrust: At Pod: $5.3B Now: unknown Growth: Not sure

Full pod here where we discussed the updated lilst: Original pod:

My take on our picks: Not bad. Yes, the last 24 months has been crazy for funding so who knows if the valuations will pan out. But, my point still stands: I think joining a medium (not early, not late) staged startup is a great way for employees to get rich.

PS: I named this after my wife @SaraSodineParr who made her first million, BEFORE I DID, by doing this strategy.

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