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17 days ago

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My family went to visit family this weekend and I stayed home to do taxes, which on the one hand “Yay I am sufficiently organized to get an extremely complex situation distilled for accountants to file” and OTOH clearly there is a company that if it existed would buy me a weekend

Financial services: sometimes it isn’t about the money, sometimes it is about not getting to meet your nephew for the first time.

Pour one out for the U.S. accountants, by the way. “Describe briefly what changed in your tax situation in 2021 (400 characters).” “Sorry and I promise in advance I am not trolling you. See two pager introduction.docx with the uploaded documents. This is first of four roadmaps”

“You must be joking, Patrick.” Employment situation, the VaccinateCA adventure (includes US trip, new employment for < $1, a donation), startup investments, companies I own (LLC that pays for my servers/etc and the mothballed Japanese LLC for Starfighter that U.S. wants docs on)

I enthusiastically follow the laws of both countries I am subject to, but just the professional services required to enthusiastically comply are creeping into the $10k range. Which… on the one hand, I am who in society should be paying for that, but still not fun to write check

@ccsdevio If one eliminated this compliance burden, that would be about a 40% savings on all the work I have to do. I would still have a complex situation because a) as time goes to infinity I will earn a lot of money from many sources, including complex ones and b) society wants its share

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