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21 days ago

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✨ Here's my conversation with @AKGrenier, former head of growth marketing at @Uber, VP of Product & Marketing at Lambda School, VP of Marketing at @MasterClass Learn about: ✓ When to invest in emerging acquisition channels ✓ Growth marketing ✓ Signs you're burnt out ✓ More t.co/XuNnPzNlqo

Listen now 👇 Apple: t.co/09QRqVgrx7… Spotify: t.co/0YrtVMBBQs… Substack: t.co/WXCnC03Avf… YouTube: t.co/EAo65xWzGW

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this episode possible: 🏆 @whimsical—t.co/huLR3rEbml 🏆 @coda_hq—t.co/IMXvG3nZiN 🏆 @Amplitude_HQ—t.co/ixRl3XxKuX

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