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TIL: The day after the Roe v. Wade decision leaked, the Wordle word of the day was (completely by accident) "fetus" 😬 And it was too late to change it, because they were mid-integration into the @NYTimes tech stack. t.co/xaV8CXMPyS

25 days ago

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Why the @NYTimes purchased Wordle t.co/0GQ7qmeHNN

26 days ago

New interview: An inside look at how The New York Times builds product, with CPO @Alex_Hardiman We discuss how product teams collaborate with writers, how they build their killer visualizations, the backstory of the Wordle acquisition, working at NYT during COVID, and much more: t.co/Sl2qt04fu4

27 days ago

If you get stressed watching the @nytimes election results needles, imagine being the product team responsible for them (and the entire NYT website). Coming tomorrow, an interview with @NYTimes's CPO @Alex_Hardiman on what it's like to build product at the NY Times. t.co/HwBTbtEKvl

27 days ago

Matt Mochary has been CEO coach to @naval, the founders of OpenAI, Notion, Rippling, Robinhood, Coinbase, Reddit, Plaid, Flexport, Opendoor, partners at Sequoia, YC, Benchmark, and many others. He also open-sourced his entire curriculum, templates and all. Here's a link 👇 t.co/6xPI6RIpWp

28 days ago

Beware your zone of excellence. Find your zone of genius. Here’s how from @mattmochary t.co/rbasKkwDmv

29 days ago

If you've recently been laid off and are experiencing economic hardship, fill out this form to get a free 3-month subscription to my newsletter → t.co/ZglSTc9HHA I can't imagine what you're going through right now, and I want to help in some small way.

29 days ago

The comments for the latest pod with @mattmochary are coming in fast and furious. It's definitely my new favorite episode of the podcast. t.co/RVKkfin34I

29 days ago

How to fire people with grace, work through fear, and nurture innovation within your org. My conversation with @mattmochary is now live. Matt was CEO coach to Naval, the CEOs of Notion, OpenAI, Rippling, Coinbase, Reddit, Flexport, and many others. Do not miss this one. t.co/9NDjSeI2oo

30 days ago

I'll keep saying this: If you're a PM/growth/eng/designer looking for a new gig, or if you're hiring, you should be in my talent collective. Just in the last 2 weeks: ➔ 70 companies hiring ➔ 120 candidates+companies intro'd ➔ 2 heads of product hired (that I know of) t.co/6kN3bvTBYe t.co/nRbSx53odX

about 1 month ago