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23 days ago

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Reading a great book that says discusses the link between great leaders and mental illness. A typical, mentally healthy leader, the book says, is OK during normal times. But in times of crisis, we are better off being led by mentally ill leaders than by mentally normal ones.

The author looks at MLK, JFK, General Sherman, Lincoln, Ted Turner, and a few other leaders. All suffered bad depression, suicidal thoughts, and more. But...this gave them a sense of realism and empathy that mentally "healthy" leaders don't typically have.

For example, the typical leader, like the leader of a bank: Too optimistic, sensitive to suffering, privilege background with little adversity, thinks himself better than others. His past has served him well and he wants to preserve itโ€ฆand he doesnโ€™t do well with nobility.

Basically...insanity = genius. As Aristotle said: No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Not sure if I buy the book's stories (historical psychoanalysis is questionable), but its interesting. Here:

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