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This winter may see one of the biggest migrations ever as European energy prices hit record levels: at least 10x higher than the rest of the world For people with remote jobs, it'll make sense to just fly out to the rest of the world where it'll be 10x-100x cheaper to live t.co/JN3Qaxp8zu

inb4 what about ppl without remote jobs: don't shoot the messenger

Places like Thailand or Mexico are already 10x cheaper than Europe: With energy prices >10x'ing in the winter in Europe, they may become up to 50x or 100x cheaper to live At least for a few months as winter passes and EU resolves its energy crisis t.co/Xnh3v9JnZC

And yes Thailand is visa-free accessible with some of the worst passports, e.g. Romania, Brazil and Cambodia passport all get visa free: t.co/Saoe9NuKt0

@comlaterra If you want to live in a communist or nationalist utopia Buy a time machine Go back to 1930-1990 See how you like it?

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