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28 days ago

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What’s one thing that’s conventional wisdom in your craft, but you don’t do it & still get outcomes that are just as good? I’ll go first: I don’t have a set time to write, never have. Been writing my newsletter for 12 years, wrote 47 articles in 2020, and thread/wk for 9 months

@TheLanceSun @thatroblennon I went to an event a few months ago and my conclusion was: “I’m so grateful to live in the age of the internet where I can meet most of my friends online first, then in person.”

@callumpbirch I jokingly say a bunch of small things are my dream (“It was my dream to go to Target this weekend! And I did.”) It’s a mental hack bc I’m constantly achieving my dreams. Little wins stack & compound. More importantly, it tells your brain you’re someone who achieves their goals

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