10 Twitter lessons to grow a Twitter account as a Developer

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This guy is a Ninja Coder But more importantly, he's an important part of the developer community on Twitter. He's at 177k, and adding 10,000 followers every month. I studied his growth, here's what I found. 10 Twitter lessons from to grow on Tech Twitter:

1. Focus on one Niche - Right from the start, Marko has been focused on a single niche - software development. His tweets are never off topic. He knows what his audience expects from him and he always delivers. For more than 2 years now - twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1222928340060975104

2. Be Consistent Marko is a big believer in consistency. As a developer as well as a Twitter creator. He regularly publishes 500 to 1000 tweets every month. That includes, 1-2 threads every week. Leading to incredible content 🀯 tweethunter.io/collection?id=denicmarko

3. Be a great curator Marko's threads always go viral because they are so value packed. And so well curated around the topics that matter the most to people. This one about Github repositories is his most popular thread - twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1559850795805429761

4. Build in Public Marko believes in learning, building and even failing in public. Because all of it helps the entire developer community grow with each other. twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1476504229737082889

5. Help a community All of Marko's Twitter content is focused on helping the developer community. That means - - Encouraging new developers - Supporting established developer creators - Sharing useful tips and resources every week. twitter.com/hereisSrinivas/status/1556590754872446976

6. Ask useful questions Many people ask random questions to hack engagement. But Marko actually asks questions that his followers can actually learn from. And useful questions lead to engagement as well as meaningful growth. twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1533436648381358081

7. Diversify your audience The best creators build an audience on more than 1 platform. They even take their audience from 1 platform to another. Marko's biggest platform is Twitter, but he's also sharing his knowledge and building an audience on LinkedIn.

8. Own your audience with newsletter Eventually you want to own your audience in an email list and not rely on social media platforms. That's why Marko also publishes a monthly newsletter and turns his followers into subscribers.

9. Engage with people. Marko regularly engages with other accounts in the developer community. He replies to their content, and they reply to his. 90%+ of all of his content is replies to other accounts. (Data source: Glance by @blackmagic_so)

10. Understand the power of Twitter All of us created a Twitter account 10 years ago and then left it for years. Then came back and understood its value. The same thing happened with Marko. He saw the power of Twitter and doubled down on it. twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1192898932399058945

Hope this helps you with your Twitter growth. If it does then let your followers find these gems from Marko πŸ‘‰ RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❀️ twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1569265315422298116

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