Vote for the Maker Grant Winners!

At Tweet Hunter, we love makers. So we decided to support them.

We commit to giving $5,000 to the most voted project from the selection below.

You can upvote one or more projects, but you can only vote once per project!

Votes end at 12pm UTC


How were the projects selected for the Maker Grant?

Each maker (or team of makers) has applied to be a part of this selection. They are all at a stage where a $5,000 check can truly help their development. Our team has made the selection, based on which products we thought were most likely to grow into thriving businesses.

Why are you giving this Maker Grant?

Tweet Hunter (our product) has recently crossed a significant milestone: $1 million in annual recurring revenue. This is huge for us. Especially because less than a year ago we had 0 product, 0 users, and 0 revenue. We know what it’s like to be at those early stages, and we though it was time to give back. So we decided to create this Maker Grant to give other products and indie founders an opportunity to grow faster.

Why did you make this then?

Twitter is how we met most of each other. It’s what brings new users to our tool. It’s what drives us new business opportunities every single week. We are absolutely convinced that many people are missing out on opportunities for their business and their personal brand because they don’t commit to Twitter. And, real talk: most of the people who start a free trial on Tweet Hunter (our main tool) and don’t go through with it say they absolutely love the product, but they’re “not ready for Twitter”, they have “other priorities” and they’ll come back when it’s their main focus. As people who have seen the power of Twitter first-hand, we know that delaying isn’t the answer. The answer is making a habit of it in a way that doesn’t take up half of your workday. We had already solved that second part with Tweet Hunter, and decided to make a free product to help you create a habit.

Who will win the grant? And what will they win?

The 3 most upvoted projects will win the grant: 1st place will get $5,000. 2nd place will get $1,000. And 3rd place will get $500. They will also have the opportunity to have a consulting call with us so we can help answer questions they may have about building a product or business. Important: if we do see strange behavior that lead us to think there might have been cheating involved, we will run an audit and we may decide to exclude a project from the rankings. All votes must be done by actual people who have a Twitter account. It’s OK to communicate to your buddies and ask them to upvote. But if we notice many accounts with barely any followers or activity on Twitter or who have a bot-like behavior or who have been created very recently, we may take any measure necessary to make sure the results are fair.

What’s Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is our very own product. It’s the #1 tool to attract more opportunities from Twitter, from growing your audience to driving subscribers and sales. You can try it out for free!

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