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3 months ago

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Today @TheVerge launched a new blog design. The redesign is a BEAUTIFUL example of... Letting New York/LA designers make a slick website that's totally useless, hard to use, and not user focused. So many internet companies do this. What a shame.

Typically, ugly sites with lots of copy perform better and are easier to use. But a slick, 28 year old Common Project wearing designer would NEVER do that. Too ego driven. Just look at their site. Black background with white text. Stupid. Complicated. And a feed? Ha.

I can't stand this stuff! Its people making a website that clearly is meant to impress their peers (other journalists, designers, upper management) and NOT keeping the user's best interest in mind.

Some of my fav blog designs (regardless of content): 1. WSJ 2. NYT 3. Briebart 4. Business Insider All have great readability, jammed packed with content, and little blank space.

hey @reckless yall should fix

This is at the bottom of an article. That headline...SUPER READABLE (not). And the category "tech"...just turn your head sideways and its great.

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