The argument about web3 where people say: | by Sam Parr

Sam Parr


3 months ago

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The argument about web3 where people say: "Yeah, people dismissed the internet too! Therefore web3 is just like that!" is silly. Its almost as bad as "live everyday as if its your last" or "you can't handle me at my worst … you don't deserve me at my best."

Most web3 things are like the Segway in 2002. Just a bunch of nerds who soooo badly wanna will something into existence that, in most cases, is totally useless and trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

"We're just ahead of our time and waiting for everyone else to catch up." - someone talking about web3 and/or a fedora. But like the mambo #5 guy who had a fedora...maybe, at best, it makes sense in a FEW cases. But its mostly silly.

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