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The don'ts of college life: How to make the most of your college experience? Avoiding typical blunders can help you optimize your college experience and put yourself up for success. Knowing the don'ts of college life is as important as knowing the dos. A thread šŸ§µ

1/ Don't ignore your academics. CGPA is not the only deciding factor, but it can be a game-changer for your dream job. Don't limit your options unless you're already killing it w/ a successful startup or coding like a pro. Don't let low grades close doors to your ideal career.

2/ Don't ignore your fitness. College is the perfect time to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and sports are the perfect way to stay active while building new skills. Growing intellectually and personally should beĀ the main focus in college.

This habit of fitness not only benefits your health but also creates valuable networking opportunities for life after college. Don't make the mistake of neglecting your health in college.

3/ Don't be friends with the wrong people. Avoid groups that only party or indulge in endless entertainment. Instead, seek out groups focused on creativity, and are self-motivated. Your college friends can make or break your future.

Join those who share an interest in activities like robotics, programming, or entrepreneurship. As the saying goes, 'Sangat Se Gun Aat Hai, Sangat Se Gun Jaat' (You become like the company you keep). Choose Your Friends Wisely.

4/ Don't waste your time. College is a time to spread your wings and embrace newfound freedom, but don't let it turn into a waste of time. Enjoy parties, movies, and series, but be mindful of your priorities. Strike a balance between fun and productivity.

5/ Don't ignore your finances It's easy to get caught up in the latest trends & waste on unnecessary gadgets. When you start earning, you'll be able to reward yourself with all the things you've been eyeing. Until then, be mindful of your spending & avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remember, the money you have is limited, so be mindful of your expenses and avoid unnecessary impulsiveĀ purchases. Don't let your college life become a financial burden on your family. Instead, use it as an opportunity to develop a financial discipline.

Tl;dr - Don't ignore your academics. - Don't ignore your fitness. - Don't be friends with the wrong people. - Don't waste your time. - Don't ignore your finances.

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