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My email today to my newsletter subscribers was a hit! If you haven't signed up yet what are you waiting for? t.co/BPOnS3UTnD

3 days ago

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An update on the 6 companies I’ve started in the past year. (Follow each of these accounts for updates) @recostseg is the oldest started in June of last year. We have 26 employees now and we’re doing $200-250k of revenue per month. @mel_baldridge is the CEO and she is… t.co/ZIkCMbzkfz

7 days ago

Why many founders take huge shots and raise a bunch of money: They're insecure. If it doesn't work and it all fails they get to point to the odds and the stats and say "see it wasn't me, most of these just fail"... They have an easy-out. When you bootstrap and attack a proven… t.co/eMiLXXR0cs

8 days ago

This self storage facility in Asheville has been a tough turnaround. We bought it in April of 2022 with 152 of 195 units rented (78%). It had $15,000 on the rent roll. All kinds of issues on-site. Homeless people sleeping in units, garbage everywhere, tents and camp fires on… t.co/JUhFNNI2dZ t.co/03EXdVrBnC

12 days ago

What is your favorite Twitter account with under 25,000 follows? What can I learn from them? Share their best tweet / thread with their comment.

13 days ago

I have a theory about hiring and recruiting: 10% of people are in career nirvana. They are perfectly happy and would not entertain another opportunity. 10% of people are looking for work and applying for jobs. They're either laid off or hate their jobs and are actively looking.… t.co/gJS5upW3fp

17 days ago

If you own real estate and you don’t follow this account you’re missing out on a free education on tax strategy / planning. t.co/aomyRqd2Dg

17 days ago

The worst thing you can do as a entrepreneur is hire a social justice warrior. People who are very radical politically are way more likely to sue you or your business or upset your customers or other team members. Either side of the isle. Luckily politics is not a protected… t.co/xWIvhotbsG

18 days ago

What people don’t understand about this bank debacle: With a ton of crappy mortgage backed securities on the balance sheet they won’t be able to lend and will need to start calling other, shorter duration, loans to free up space. Commercial real estate will be the first to fall… t.co/hCcEZbM6qC

21 days ago

A lot of stuff gets really messed up when borrowing rates go from 3% to 7% in 12 months. Banks have problems. Real estate has problems. Companies have problems. We’re gonna see a lot of stuff like this and it’ll be a rough few years ahead.

21 days ago