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In business and in love, the most valuable currency is attention. Invest wisely. 💰

about 11 hours ago

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Every single day, I get DMs from adult creators asking me to do paid mentorships or consulting for them. Let me explain why I've said "no" thus far.. 🧵 Please read 🙏🏼

about 23 hours ago

The 🏆 formula: Test it / Track it / did it work? If YES (do it again) if NO (do t do it again & test something else) It’s not magic. Stick to the formula 📈 #SWCEO #CEOsquad @MelRoseMichaels t.co/Av0NXdy4iU

1 day ago

Removing your watermark from TikTok #SWCEO #CEOsquad @MelRoseMichaels 👇👇👇 t.co/eI62fInvnO t.co/26tGDvhwkd

1 day ago

Experimenting w the idea of adding a “adult news” playlist to our YouTube channel so if you’re there to learn courses, you can also stay up to date on things impacting our community. This is a sample of what I think the videos might be like.. thoughts? t.co/l1vpSZGu0L

1 day ago

In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Would you want courses on negotiating your value?

2 days ago

7 budgeting tips for adult content creators:

2 days ago

Tip of the Day: Use a password manager. 🔒 Don't waste time trying to remember login info or creating weak passwords (that you'll just forget anyway). With a password manager, you can access all your accounts with just one secure password. 💥 Boom, productivity achieved. t.co/QTSej690d7

3 days ago

To-do List Tip

To-do list tip 💡 I make a list of everything that I need to do. I number them from most critical to least. I complete the tasks that are at the top of the list first, then focus on smaller tasks after. I'd love to know how you tackle a to-do list...comment below!👇

4 days ago

The best way to predict the future of your business is to create it. t.co/nSMM0AMWEX

5 days ago