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i’m doing a trip in may/june to talk to openai users and developers (and people interested in AI generally). please come hang out and share feature requests and other feedback! more detail here: t.co/lp9WkI811R or email oai23tour@openai.com

2 days ago

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we had a significant issue in ChatGPT due to a bug in an open source library, for which a fix has now been released and we have just finished validating. a small percentage of users were able to see the titles of other users’ conversation history. we feel awful about this.

9 days ago

ugh fine here is my SVB thread: TL;DR: at this point, to be certain of avoiding catastrophe, the FDIC needs to temporarily guarantee all deposits. other solutions might work, but this is the best one.

20 days ago

dropping standardized tests while maintaining legacy admissions policies and claiming it's about advancing equality of opportunity is not a serious position.

22 days ago

$2 per million tokens 🤯

about 1 month ago

we dropped the price of our best text model 10x! amazing work by our research and engineering teams for a long time to make this possible. t.co/pEfajDmAwc

about 1 month ago

anyone who succeeds fails a lot, and learns to dust themselves off faster each time it's the people who fail and just stop trying that...fail

5 months ago

The OpenAI Startup Fund is launching Converge ($1M and advice) to help AI-powered startups. I can't think of a more interesting time to start a startup in recent memory. t.co/qeCVk7YodJ Our best is that startups are best-positioned to win here given the rate of change.

5 months ago

"the price of housing should increase faster than inflation over time" is catastrophically bad public policy. in fact, an interesting framework for setting public policy would be "make everything get less expensive over time".

5 months ago