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Being client centric is essential in today’s competitive world. Listen to clients to build next level business. t.co/aM9rG3kyIy

2 days ago

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If you are ready to say "Sir this is not my expertise, I wont accept this assignment", then you are a good salesperson and you can close more deals for your tax practice. Read on if you want to know How. t.co/DIstuHU6ul

4 days ago

πŸš€ Ever wondered how we craft our detailed Due Dates Branding Posters? Join us for a tweet journey through interesting meticulous process! #TaxInsights #BehindTheScenes πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

11 days ago

When petitioner, being uneducated and unable to understand notices and orders on the GST portal, failed to file an appeal within the required time frame, they should be allowed to file the appeal now.

11 days ago

πŸš€ You have heard about money growth through compounding. You know with compounding, your tax practice can grow exponentially too? πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Learn 5 compounding rules that can build your practice, step by step. #CompoundingGrowth #TaxPros t.co/TleW5a0HqM

11 days ago

Let's understand more about #ICAI new Logo - Detailed thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ Pl read in detail to avoid mistakes. Like and share with more CAs for their benefit. πŸ™ t.co/RJkf74fYuL

13 days ago

Problem is majority of CAs who come from small towns and cities or fresher CAs, CAs struggling in compliance practice have different daily struggles and they don't identify with this branding of CAs. Unka jindagi alag hai isse. Do you agree? #ICAIGloPAC t.co/eSrs88aYUm

14 days ago

Ask for a sample copy on 9136667325 t.co/ZQBC8msxs4

17 days ago

A Chartered Accountant was reprimanded under section 21(6)(b) for assisting multiple companies to obtain large credit facilities from various banks. He did this by providing false documents that certified the value of work completed by these companies.

18 days ago

10 most important video topics for growth of tax firm

Spoke to more than 70 Practicing CAs 2 years back before creating this playlist for Tax Professionals which will save you from 100s of mistakes. Here are the 10 most important topics for growth of your tax firm. Mega thread πŸ‘‡ Like and retweet for Good Karma.

22 days ago