I bought this painting! https://t.co/ykLanlLV1u | by Paul Graham

Paul Graham


3 months ago

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I bought this painting! t.co/ykLanlLV1u

What I like about it: It's very good formally; it has good color, good light, good composition. But it's also eery. It's not business as usual. One of my heuristics for art is whether a kid growing up with it in the house would remember it vividly. This you would.

@ESYudkowsky This one was actually picked out by one of the kids: t.co/6J0FKgE5Hm

@ESYudkowsky t.co/XSeVjkIkHy

@ESYudkowsky t.co/5kH08YeHfL

@ESYudkowsky t.co/48t5dK7VV3

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