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Let the record reflect that, even in current tumultuous economic circumstances, I still get a reasonably steady drumbeat of email from people a) getting hired and b) negotiating offers upwards versus expectations / prior job.

1 day ago

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I’ve now been 3D printing and painting for just over a year, which I find remarkable since I continue few new habits. It still feels magical, and it has been interesting to feel like I’m getting perceptibly better at something every few weeks.

1 day ago

I strongly endorse this sentiment. (And I would happily bet against anyone believing total employment of engineers in US or median compensation of new hires at AppAmaGooFaceSoft declines over next 10 years.) t.co/yT17OnmOLU

2 days ago

One of the reasons every hiring process is terrible, only one but unfortunately it is a true one, is that the median candidate for any publicly posted job will be a terrible fit. t.co/8NUmU31LeB

2 days ago

In slight tension to the argument that there is actually no market for narrow banks, we have a policy apparatus which considers them corrosive to trust in the banking system and therefore does not see fit to let them exist. t.co/qwe5KEtvpL

2 days ago

I expected LLMs to become the Everything API. I didn’t expect good tooling for that to exist *this year.* Crikey. t.co/aUM3V8CJxS

3 days ago

Tiny little detail from Tsutaya's coworking space: they festooned a lot of the walls and alcoves with artwork on loan from a gallery, with price tags attached, which seems like a really inspired choice assuming it works.

4 days ago

Two views from the street this morning. t.co/yguc5rfrPC

4 days ago

Interesting fact I never knew, per Matt Levine, with relevance to bank rescues: acquiring a bank will result in new bank needing to mark the acquired assets (loans et al) accurately, which semi-artificially realizes the problems which have been a bit swept under the rug.

4 days ago

There is something like a "general factor of infrastructure" and if you get it, you can see around corners of issues like this without knowing the exact shape of the issue in advance. Seems like it would be an interesting subfield for e.g. operations research. t.co/idkEPdqPUT

5 days ago