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Scott wrote about me and jhanas

I'm grateful for the jhanas and how they've helped me, even though I don't do them so often anymore. I rec the book Right Concentration if you'd like to learn more I think we vastly underestimating the healing power of reliable wholesome non-addictive pleasure

Also Burbea's retreat. When I jhana now I use a wider attentional lens over my body as he recs rather than the pinpoint style like in Right Concentration. More spacious and better onramp to emptiness insight practice. Maybe better to start with Burbea

in the medium term, I hope and other projects can make it more accessible. It's a shame it takes so much practice -- often 100s or 1000s of hours -- it'd be nice if it only took a day or two to learn (disclosure: I'm a small angel investor in jhourney)

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