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10 Ways to Build Radical Confidence (Fast!) ~ Thread ~

1. Be honest about everything all the time. This means speaking your mind, showing your true feelings, and doing what you think is right… especially when you’re worried it will get a “bad” reaction from others.

2. Prioritise your health – both mental and physical. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible gives you the best possible chance at creating beneficial hormone and neurotransmitter balances in your brain and body.

3. Stand up for what you want and believe in, no matter what conflict it creates. You don’t need to get aggressive, or even “win” the argument. You just need to speak up about what you prefer.

4. Follow through on every decision you make, even if you feel like it will be a mistake. When you revisit a decision before even starting to take action on it, you send yourself a message of “I can’t be trusted to make this work”. That’s a harmful message for your confidence.

5. Keep what works and upgrade/change/discard what doesn’t. If any element of your life is unsatisfactory, you should be actively working towards fixing it. Tolerating a poor quality of life is not what we mean by “acceptance”.

6. Seek to do what is right rather than what is easy. Doing the right thing has an up-front cost. You won’t always enjoy doing it. The reward comes later, when you are proud of the man you see in the mirror.

7. If there are two similar options, choose the scariest one. Courage doesn’t just mean facing obvious fears and phobias. It means doing things that feel like a “hassle”, or you’re concerned won’t go very well, or you’re confused about the right way of doing it.

8. Choose being alone with your integrity over being liked without it. If you being “you” means losing someone, then lose them. Pay whatever price is required for living by your values.

9. Treat yourself and others with respect at all times. Be hard on yourself to live with integrity, but do not be cruel and unkind. Set reasonable goals and be compassionate when they’re too hard (and then try again).

10. Take responsibility for everything you can control, and nothing else. Own your decisions, your situations, your beliefs, your results, your feelings, and everything else that is created by your mind and body. For everything created by someone else, leave it to them.

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