✨ Sold $100,000 (USD) in AI-generated avatars with https://t.co/ke5EmXOIES since... | by @levelsio



24 days ago

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✨ Sold $100,000 (USD) in AI-generated avatars with t.co/ke5EmXOIES since launching 10 days ago! 💳 2,943 sales @ avg of $33 per sale 💝 AMA t.co/OPJF9XfOqy t.co/eVm3FZ9n3g

Sales on first day were mostly from Twitter but then it quickly switched to Instagram as top referrer where it went really viral. I didn't post about it on Instagram but other ppl I guess did, not sure who cause can't see!

If you're considering cloning it, I'd recommend just going into other niches which aren't filled yet because avatar hype is already over There's loads of other niches you can go viral with!

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