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🎙️ Podcast milestone: Crossed 1m downloads, four months. For reference, below are the top 10 most downloaded episodes (so far): t.co/3ut5ZSqhMi

1/ @cagan—The nature of product t.co/nyu1MCwLCR

2/ @shreyas—Five big ideas from Shreyas t.co/9G8R68e3EO

3/ @ElenaVerna—All things B2B growth t.co/1BwE3OBYJS

4/ @shishirmehrotra—The rituals of great teams t.co/dbTPdSCPh1

5/ @bermster—Using behavioral science to improve your product t.co/6NZh9Z6dSx

6/ @emilykramer—How to build a powerful marketing machine t.co/CyMoPl0fhr

7/ @joulee—Accelerating your career t.co/xFKAaDZ2nA

8/ @jasonyogeshshah—Building a meaningful career t.co/7UGVbhYdRT

9/ @aprildunford—Product positioning t.co/7vQoRVqZNu

10/ @Julian—Growth tactics, retention strategies, and becoming a better writer t.co/DcVPgjnz6N

If you'd like to catch future episodes, learn more about the podcast, or subscribe, here are some handy links: Apple: t.co/Oyw875ox3i Spotify: t.co/SJ45j2TX1Z Google: t.co/qPo0qd4k1W Overcast: t.co/8xH52zChkY YouTube: t.co/piDZvEoFJk

Thank you SO much to everyone who's listened, subscribed, and shared it with friends đź’– The best is yet to come.

P.S. If you count YouTube downloads, other episodes that would be in the top 10: @crystalwidjaja @TheTimenator @danhockenmaier @ttorres P.P.S. Love that the most popular episodes are 50% women. Makes me so happy.

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