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The @y00tsNFT migration to @0xPolygon was a huge collaboration - @dust_labs @delabsxyz @wormholecrypto @MagicEden @phantom @metaplex @MatricaLabs @chainsulting some notes on the final days leading up to yesterdays launch 🧵

We had the first y00ts migrated on devnet about two weeks ago. Burn a Solana NFT, send a cross chain wormhole message, airdrop MATIC / DUST, mint a Polygon NFT. This was after several months of work on smart contracts, UI/UX designs, and many different iterations on approach.

Security and safety was critical but it was also important that the experience was delightful and easy. Much of the last few days was looking for edge cases and making fixes to ensure the process was smooth.

Typically we have everything ready to go when we make an announcement on timing or release but we also aren’t able to fully release to mainnet until much closer to the actual release so what appears as DeLays generally are unpredictable or newly discovered issues we must fix.

Over the weekend after the announcement the team started working on converting to pNFTs in preparation for the migration. With the help of the @metaplex team we were able to get the full @y00tsNFT prepared and setup.

In parallel one area that we had concerns over was clarity on where transactions were so we added new apis and associated UI for a transaction history page.

We then were hitting a wallet connection issue that sometimes prevented you from switching between Polygon and Solana - was a known bug but had a workaround

Periodically we do quick vibe checks with @frankdegods to see if he sees anything that just doesn’t “feel” right. In parallel we decided to add an extra dialog to prompt folks to unstake as part of the flow to make it one step easier.

More testing and trying to skip steps found additional places for errors but also confirmed we need to airdrop both DUST and MATIC so first time wallets have enough to stake or list on @MEonPolygon right away.

Franks review from above had determined the success page wasn’t viral or shareable enough. Lacked Rizz. So we added sound and the entry ticket for a BTC DeGod raffle if you migrate in first 24hrs - oh and also a random quote from FrankGPT that @0xSydney led.

More testing found additional edge cases and improved detection of potential errors. Layer by layer pealing back what could be 100s of support cases if not patched up front.

Even little things like light vs dark matter and we continue to polish the UI

A brief GitHub outage slows us down for a bit.

Sleep off the github issue? Came back up just in time for 💤

We had shared the preview links with some partners to help holders prepare and make videos but one included a url which leaked :)

We had planned to release around noon PST Monday but always are security, feature and polish driven not time/date driven. It’s much more important for us to ship something delightful than force a timeline on ourselves.

While @0xSydney is working on the Twitter thread with @frankdegods on max rizz and @budaz__ on graphics we find and fix a couple more issues.

More issues deploying one of the contracts to mainnet so we add some time …

mainnet is ready but the first test fails - some debugging finds the issue and we have our first y00t on polygon

Now we start the war room. You know the last hour to release - LOL for the next 5hrs the team runs various test migrations on mainnet working to get collections verified on marketplaces testing a sale and having partners test their migrations.

The longest issue now was we found with load the migrations got slow - thankfully was able to get a @wormholecrypto engineer on zoom at 11p local who happened to be the one who wrote their multi-wallet scaling. We created 10 more wallets and 💥 it’s working.

Push the tweet. We then split up the team - watched discord, joined voice chats, twitter spaces and slack channels from partners. Keeping a core team on the huddle to diagnose issues. The overall sentiment was positive.

The war room huddle closed after 8hrs 11min after it began. No easy day. Many issues in retrospect are simple but it’s finding them and fixing them before our community that is most important.

Today we will continue to monitor and make small refinements to the experience. @DeGodsNFT migration to ETH is up next for this Friday. 99% of the code is the same for our SaaS @dust_labs tooling. Each customer benefits from the previous. 🤝 @delabsxyz paves the way for the rest

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