1 NFT = 100 meals via @FeedingAmerica ($10 donation) | by jckbtchr



25 days ago

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1 NFT = 100 meals via @FeedingAmerica ($10 donation) Funds routed directly via @TheGivingBlock t.co/rfrXTPMD2o Retweets greatly appreciated t.co/SgNJZyD5mW

@FeedingAmerica @TheGivingBlock 1,800 ✔️

2,900 ✔️

3,900 ✔️

15,300 ✔️ t.co/G0fOfGDr9v

monster contribution from @NikitaVarabei

doing these visuals manually but perhaps there's a way to build a simple page that reads the contract and render 100 pixels for each token anyone game?

visualizer secured courtesy of @PaiNishant 18,300 meals secured t.co/TOgVwzlZtB

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