We Acquired a SaaS and almost lost it all

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about 1 year ago

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This went CRAZY viral a few days ago We couldn't miss this opportunity So we ACQUIRED viralpostgenerator .com 🤯 And we almost lost it all ... Story time: [img:NfFRrtFKl]

Everything started when we noticed the PH launch It didn't get 1st, but it got our attention But we had no idea how crazy this will go [img:KhnZFnYTp]

A few after that, it blew off On Twitter - 190k likes: twitter.com/kushaanshah/status/1561771338510921728 On Reddit - 7.2k upvotes: reddit.com/r/InternetIsBeautiful/comments/wuwqfr/i_built_an_ai_that_writes_cringeworthy_linkedin Leading to an insanee traffic of 1m+ visits in a few days 🤯 (stats from Mixpanel) [img:vI-WEdp4b]

So we reached out to @TomVanilla Negotiation was hard 😅 Tom asked for a high price but it made sense given the traffic... We found an agreement 🔥 The highest amount of money we have ever spent 💸😱 But we almost lost everything...

We made the first payment and Tom sent the assets I took control over the AWS account, changed the email and password and went sleeping (that was yesterday evening) In the morning: NOTHING was working 😱😱😱 Shit, did I just got ripped off?

I found out why: The AWS account was "locked" because a security rule triggered when I updated the login info I reached out to their support and they told me they needed 48h to verify it and unlock it wtf @awscloud!? 48h when production services are down? But Tom saved us

He had the code so he re-built the entire architecture on our own AWS account Making viralpostgenerator.com live again 🔥 [img:0T-6fIvao] [img:gD5ooTq7-]

I am super excited rn Can it boost Taplio.com 's growth? We'll see 👀

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