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With the crashing of the Euro the value of working remotely becomes even more evident Many work remotely for US companies and get paid in USD while working from Europe For them life this year became 17% cheaper For non-remote workers in Europe life became 21% more expensive

It could have gone the other way too of course: Imagine the USD crashed and you got paid in USD while living in Europe But working remotely you could "just" switch to working remotely for a non-US company Non-remote workers consistently get the bad side of every deal

Non-remote workers are completely dependent on their country's currency and governments to keep functioning for them While remote workers have the flexibility of changing employer to one anywhere in the world depending on whatever is most beneficial to them in the current time

If geopolitical problems arise like the war in Europe now, and it gets worse, eg expands to rest of Europe, remote workers are more mobile and able to escape the region more easily: they usually keep getting paid if they'd fly to Asia or South Am cuz they can keep working

The case for being a remote worker thus isn't just one of being more comfortable working from home Being a remote worker becomes the primary benefit in a world in geopolitical turmoil and strife because you're mobile

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