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9 months ago

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1 bedroom studio going for $3,000/month in Canggu, Bali now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This would be $300/mo just a few years ago

inb4 Canggu is a tiny piece of land w/ foreigners Surrounded by locals making crazy money off of them

@V1LH3LM - real estate funds and investors buy up property everywhere eg 1000 apts in a city, and push prices up everywhere, maybe legislate that? most of us indirectly invest in that thru our pensions, do you feel partly responsible? u should - tourism is still 10,000x bigger than DNs

@V1LH3LM - diff is DNs are visible online: they are loud and share their life; and offline: they are/look like pretentious hipsters with MacBooks, easy target - but the wrong target - real target imho? central banks and govs!

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