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10 fascinating traits of highly-successful people: 1) Enjoy Being Wrong: The most successful people legitimately enjoy being wrong. They’ve learned to embrace new information that forces you to change your viewpoint—these "software updates" improve upon the old. (read on)

2) Work in Sprints: Parkinson's Law says that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Winners typically work like lions instead—sprint, rest, repeat. 3) Antifragile: Life is chaotic. The best aren't broken by the chaos—they build structure to benefit from it.

4) Paranoia: Highly-successful people share a surprising fear that all of the success is suddenly going to disappear. It creates a drive for continued growth. 5) Self-Awareness: The most successful people are hyper self-aware. They know their unique edge (and their weaknesses).

6) Compartmentalization: An uncanny ability to compartmentalize. They turn off outside stressors and focus exclusively on the task at hand. 7) Focus on Questions, Not Answers: They ask great questions. It allows them to aggregate insights more effectively.

8) Expert Advice Filters: Winners have learned how to filter and selectively implement advice—take the signal, skip the noise. 9) Impatient Long-Term Thinkers: Long-term thinking plus short-term impatience for action is the recipe for success.

10) Smile Through Chaos: I had a teammate who would grin wildly when we were in the depths of a painful workout. It was simultaneously inspiring and terrifying. If you can do this, it means everyone wants to stand with you, and no one wants to stand against you.

Those are 10 interesting traits I’ve observed in highly-successful people. What others would you add to the list? Follow me @SahilBloom for more writing on life and growth. I’ll write a deeper dive on this in my newsletter. Join 115K others!

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