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If there’s one key to happiness, it’s this: When you encounter a moment of pure bliss, pause and embrace every aspect of it. The smells, the sounds, the feelings, the sensations. Everything. Hold on to it for a bit longer than you normally would. Savor the sweetness.

This just happened to me. I was on our deck rocking Roman to sleep. He was resting on my chest, his arms around mine. I could hear the sound of crickets. I could see the fireflies dancing in the early evening light. I may never have that moment again, but I’m sure glad I did.

It struck me that it wasn’t so long ago that my dad held me that same way. It wasn’t so long ago that I was reliant on him, so completely enveloped by his love. Maybe he listened to those same crickets, saw those same fireflies dancing in the early evening glow.

I’m sure it feels like an instant to him. All those years that have flown by. All those memories. The days are long, but the years are so, so short. Hold your loved ones close. Savor these moments. It’s later than you think…

Kurt Vonnegut said it best: When things are going sweetly and peacefully, please pause a moment, and then say out loud: 'If this isn't nice, what is?'

I love you, Dad.

I share this thought for no particular reason. I just hope it sparks a few of you out there to embrace a moment of happiness today. Always remember that happiness spreads. Much love, everyone.

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