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Dear lazyweb, what are the best podcasts related to AI? Bonus points for any that summarize/discuss recent papers / academic research?

about 2 months ago

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The economist covers UGC games when they should really be covering the coming trend of AIGC games 😎 t.co/MvSAsHDAmM

2 months ago

👇🏼announcing SPEEDRUN, a startup school for gaming companies! Sign up below to see more t.co/ivPh8uquIQ

2 months ago

announcement: I'm investing in the $55M Series A of Believer, along with @zebird0 and our team at a16z's GAMES FUND ONE Believer is a game studio led by legendary game devs Michael Chow and Steven Snow, the EPs of @wildrift and @LeagueOfLegends t.co/44tbzxGXtV

3 months ago

👇 watch full screen, sound on! new trailer drop! Congrats to the @mainfrme team - the folks who built EVE, World of Warcraft - on the announcement of their new game, a medieval sandbox MMO Coming to PC/mobile/console cross-play soon! t.co/bBPuLzHz1A

3 months ago

haters have come out for VR/AR, the metaverse, etc - as we see what kinds of R&D is required to build these kinds of platforms @JackSoslow has an amazing thread (charts attached) on the good trends: t.co/ZubWMtP2bi I'm bullish too, and here's what I'm investing in👇 t.co/ToK5fElzVY

7 months ago

tons of updates on GAMES FUND ONE over the last few months - our new fund focused on gaming, avatars, metaverse: - Omega Strikers launches! - we hired @DougMcCracken @Chen from Supercell/YouTube Gaming - we funded Theorycraft, Ready Player Me, and Gym Class VR ... thread👇

8 months ago