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Did an easy 3.5R trade within a couple hours recently on $LTC It was easy, straightforward and done using my step-by-step system. I did a breakdown so that you can also follow this simple system. Like and reply "4h" and I'll send you the breakdown via DM. [img:F0ZTblVQi]

about 7 hours ago

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I would’ve had a 50R week if I didn’t make 3 simple mistakes. Filmed a video sharing my lessons learned so that you don’t make the same mistake. Like and comment “50R” and I’ll DM you the video. [img:qbLAfDWyU]

20 days ago

Reece went from -$7k to up $3k in less than a month after applying ONE tip I told him on our weekly calls. I filmed a video on what that tip is and how you can apply it into your own trading right away. Drop a like and reply "tip" and I'll send you the goods. [img:PkhM91mD8]

3 months ago

How I risked $200 and made $3k in a few hours. I broke down step-by-step how you can take trades like this too. Best part is? It only takes 15 mins of charting each day. Drop a like a reply "win" and I'll send the video to you. (must be following for DM to work) [img:wDRes6q5x]

3 months ago

Cannot stress how magical the feeling of having a system in trading feels like. Look at the charts at a couple fixed times. Look for a couple of high-probability setups that you've tested religiously. Take trade. Go enjoy a coffee and some wine. Come back and wala.

4 months ago

Today, I'm grateful that I'm able to spend a month touring Italy, all the while making money from trading in under an hour a day. What are you grateful for today? (add pic)

4 months ago

My friend lost all his money trading penny stocks and fell into depression. So I asked him to move to crypto. Anxiety is not as severe a condition to treat...

4 months ago

A reminder that you do not need to trade every move to make big money in trading. All you need is ONE good move a week and you're set. More trades do not equal more money. Some high-quality trades that you can put big capital behind = big money.

4 months ago

Trading is NOT easy. Do not be fooled by the Instagram moonboys and their rented cars. It takes time and dedication. If you do not submit to the learning process, you will get slapped about in these markets. There are no shortcuts in this game.

4 months ago

Quit alcohol Eat better food Quit whining Start studying Your luck won't change until you change

about 2 hours ago