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Before I got into crypto, I thought that 99% of crypto was bullshit. Now that I've been in crypto for a few years, I know for a fact that 99% of crypto is bullshit. But that 1% is the future.

2 days ago

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Conventional wisdom that functions in society will severely hinder you when it comes to the markets. To win you must be able to adopt the contrarian. • Extreme patience + long-term view • Willingness to buy high --> sell higher • Formulate your own opinions, forsake the herd

3 days ago

The amount of water required to generate one acre of fog is just one drinking glass. Remember this the next time your mind is fogged with worry... The problem could be as insignificant as a glass of water.

4 days ago

Speculating every once in a while can be harmless: casino, lottery ticket, shitcoins, proper crypto, trading without knowing what you're doing (gambling) The danger comes when you're speculating but think you're investing.

4 days ago

Ronaldo is the best because he works harder than everyone else. Talent helps, but will only get you so far. Saha: “If the session was at 10 am, I would arrive at 9am, do my stuff. He would be there at 8.30am.” Work harder than the rest to be the best.

5 days ago

Trading is really hard not because it is complex but because people cannot deal with the simplicity required by trading. Doing nothing 90% of the time waiting for trades to come to you and always doing the same thing is not sexy.

6 days ago

The more experience you build up in trading... The more you realize how simple it is. Trading is simple. Just not easy.

7 days ago

Made a vid recently about a little-known psychological method that’ll double your profits pretty much instantly. No technical analysis involved. Like + reply “genetics” and I’ll send the vid over (Must be following for DM to work) [img:sf67_sZlQ]

about 12 hours ago

My goal is simple... Making a lot of you rich af

about 15 hours ago

"Life's so unfair" - Twitter for iPhone

about 23 hours ago