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πŸš€ Thread 🧡 1/10 🌍 It's a global world, and Tanya Bragin from @ClickhouseDB knows it well! Steering European-based teams, navigating early morning meetings, she's a maestro syncing schedules for work-life harmony. #WorkLifeBalance #DistributedTeams youtu.be/_16q_IyGeko

2/10 πŸ“Š While many debate batch vs real-time analytics, Tanya casts her vote for real-time! With applications demanding speed, she views open source as a beacon of innovation, albeit with a nod to vital commercial support. #RealTimeAnalytics #OpenSource

3/10 πŸ› οΈ The past has its charms, but Tanya is all about building the future! Preferring to invent rather than revive lost arts, she's banking on tech to keep evolving and improving our lives. #Innovation #TechnologyForward

4/10 ✨ AI's not just a buzzword for Tanya; it's a pulsing promise for an equitable future. She envisions a responsible use of AI that uplifts everyone, carrying her passion for data visualization into her daily life. #AIForGood #DataVisualization

5/10 🎢 Ever wondered about the playlist of tech leaders? For Tanya, it's the inspiring tunes of Taylor Swift that resonate with her and her daughter. Talk about a harmony of music and motivation! #TaylorSwift #Inspiration

6/10 πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Want to dive deeper into Tanya's thought universe? She's just a tweet away! Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn, or catch her insightful articles on Medium. But remember, for deeper conversations, LinkedIn's your best bet. #Networking #TechCommunity

7/10 πŸ—¨οΈ Data warehouses have been the strongholds of centralized decision-making, but cloud platforms like Redshift, Snowflake, and Bigquery are changing the game. Tanya and Yves Mulkers explore how these changes affect building interactive apps. #CloudData #DataWarehousing

8/10 πŸ€– As the world of generative AI unfolds, Tanya navigates the challenges of data sets for model training and the balance between specialized vector databases and leveraging existing databases for smaller-scale needs. #GenerativeAI #DataManagement

9/10 πŸ”§ The open-source world is a playground for innovation and Tanya is an avid supporter. It offers a trial ground for data teams to innovate without immediate financial pressure, setting the stage for breakthroughs. #OpenSource #DataInnovation

10/10 🧠 Tanya and Yves take us through a journey of analytical systems' importance and big decisions in data team strategy. Wrapping up, the podcast points to a data future where the community and commercial backing join forces. Share your thoughts! #DataStrategy #Analytics

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