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3 months ago

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Stuck in the data transformation rut? Let's talk self-service. It's not just about relieving the pressure on central data engineering teams, but also empowering business users. Register for the Webinar! bit.ly/48QGVHf

Welcome to the AI era, where cleaning and transforming data are more critical than ever. But the status quo isn’t cutting it. What's the solution?

Join Maciej Szpakowski and Mitesh Shah from Prophecy, Eric Kavanagh, your favourite DM Radio Host, and Hyoun Park, the CEO at Amalgam Insights. They're unveiling a groundbreaking approach to overcome traditional data transformation challenges.

Ready for a solution that already has a proven track record with Fortune 50 and Fortune 10 companies? Brace yourself for a unified technology that bridges visual and code.

Dive into the ETL evolution and uncover how enterprises can manoeuvre around the barriers of traditional methods. Essential knowledge for any big player in the game.

Struggling to craft a top-tier, cloud-based solution for diverse users and use cases? Watch how Prophecy redefines the data transformation lifecycle.

Get on board the ETL modernisation express. Your destination? A future where data transformation isn't a bottleneck but a booster for your business.

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