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Ryan Reynolds took a ~25% stake in Mint Mobile in 2019 and became its main pitchman. T-Mobile just bought Mint for $1.35B, valuing his stake at $340m. Not bad for 4 years of pitching.

Reynolds similarly took a minority stake in Aviation Gin in 2018, which was then acquired by Diageo for $610m in 2020. Two massive flips in a few years. Reynolds is crushing content/commerce model, which I wrote about here:

Back when the deal Mint happened, I made a very speculative guess that Mint was only worth $15m based on comparable MVNOs. Also not clear if he bought (or more likely) given stake in exchange for pitching. I was massively wrong or Reynold had huge impact on subs (or both):

Either way, he’s a Canadian (and Vancouver) legend. More on the deal here: And if you want to read stuff from another Vancouver native that has ZERO massive exits, check out my newsletter:

One more note: T-Mobile’s $1.35B deal is for Mint’s parent company Ka’ena (which also owns Ultra Mobile and Plum Mobile). Guessing Mint is still majority of Ka’ena, which would put Reynolds haul in the $150m-200m range:

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