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4 months ago

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We really need to normalize boredom. Some of your most creative moments come during periods of boredom. In the shower, on a walk, at a dinner by yourself. You’re bored, your mind wanders, your thoughts mingle. Bam! Creative insight strikes. Schedule boredom into your weeks.

Try eating a meal alone at a restaurant once per month. • Carry a notebook and pen • No phone or technology Let your mind roam. Flex your that boredom muscle. It’s insanely freeing.

“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal Boredom and solitude are lost arts we all need to rediscover. We have more connectedness than ever, but we’re less connected to our surroundings. Reclaim connection.

Try the creative boredom challenge: • 5 days, 30 min per day • No technology • No books or reading • No social interaction • Dynamic (walking) or static Carry a small notebook to log any interesting ideas or insights. Let your mind wander. Boredom sparks creativity.

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Another way to think of this: Growth requires balance. Ideas are executed during periods of work, but formed during periods of freedom. Muscle is trained during exercise, but grown during recovery. Minds are engaged with togetherness, but fortified with solitude.

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