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11 months ago

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Today I learned that sea otters hold hands while they sleep so that they don’t drift apart. My heart is officially full.

Also, anyone know where I can get an otter?

Humans might sleep like this for the first few months of their relationships. Then you eventually realize it’s actually super uncomfortable and your hand gets clammy and warm at night so you sleep alone on your own side of the bed.

This was me procrastinating book writing by watching random nature and space videos. @waitbutwhy please help!

It’s honestly hilarious/amazing the stuff we can convince ourselves we are interested in as a means to procrastinate.

An added note on these otters: The female otter was a survivor of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster. She was rescued and brought to Vancouver, where the male otter took care of her. That makes this even more heartwarming.

Ok, I found my little sea otter. Going to hold his hand so we can’t drift apart while he’s asleep.

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