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4 months ago

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Things to eliminate for a healthier, wealthier life: • Toxic relationships • Comparisons • Inactivity • Complaints • Instant gratification • Overthinking • Crazy “what if” fears • If/then traps Free yourself from what’s holding you back. Progress through elimination.

Eliminate: Inactivity Your body wasn't made to be still. Consistent daily activity is essential to your health, brain function, and happiness.

Eliminate: Comparisons It's tempting to compare yourself and your progress to those around you. This person made X dollars last year. That person got Forbes 30 Under 30. Comparison will always tell you that you’re not enough. Focus on what you can control.

Eliminate: Toxic Relationships There’s no place in your life for people that bring you down or hold you back. They are “boat anchors” that prevent you from reaching your potential. Cut these people out of your life. Cherish those who lift you up and push you forward.

Eliminate: Instant Gratification An innate desire for instant gratification makes fools of smart men and women. The greatest returns in life come from playing long-term games in a world obsessed with short-term results.

Eliminate: Complaints Complaining never got anyone anywhere worth going. Complaining keeps you on the sidelines. Take action and stand in the arena.

Eliminate: If/Then Traps We often get stuck saying “If X happens, then I’ll be happy”—it’s a lie we tell ourselves. Find fulfillment in the process, not the prize.

Eliminate: Crazy “What If” Fears We create all sorts of crazy fears when faced with a big decision. What if this? What if that? Most of them are absurd when deconstructed. Don’t let those crazy “what ifs” hold you back from your potential.

Eliminate: Overthinking When you overthink, you delay action. You paralyze yourself. Never spend time overthinking easily-reversible, low-cost decisions.

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Eliminate: Focusing on the Past Consider this image from @waitbutwhy: Black Lines = paths closed Green Lines = paths open Stop focusing on the black lines behind you. Start focusing on all of the green lines before you. It is a future with immense opportunity.

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