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about 1 year ago

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The outtakes of NASA astronauts trying to walk on the moon are amazing.

I can’t believe I’ve lived 31 years of my life without seeing this. Absolutely hilarious. College me stumbling home from the bar finds this so very relatable.

Looks like the most fun anyone has ever had. I woulda been bunny hopping all over this planet. Houston woulda had to be like: “Um, excuse me, sir, could you please stop hopping around and collect the damn rock sample.”

My guy here at the end executing a textbook Moon Burpee. 10/10

Shoutout to NASA on the footage. Probably wouldn’t have helped the Cold War cause of showing our advanced physical and technical superiority at the time, but now we can all enjoy it…

I fully expect to be able to see @elonmusk do this on Mars in my lifetime. What a time to be alive!

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