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The colorized footage of construction workers building The Chrysler Building in NYC is spectacular and terrifying.

The partially colorized version of the iconic “Lunchtime atop a skyscraper” is incredible.

And look at the behind-the-scenes of the photographer behind the photo!

This is a very cool colorized video of the photographer from @EmilWallner. That is some serious “sprezzatura” from the photographer. Studied nonchalance—earned elegance.

Ok, I’m officially obsessed with colorized footage. What are the best colorized videos of history that you’ve seen?

I’ve just learned of the mastery of @marinamaral2 in this arena. Her work is absolutely stunning—perfection. WOW.

If you want to get lost, check out @marinamaral2 website. The portfolio section has sliders that show the before and after of her colorizations.

The style and fashion of the era is striking. The men look so fresh—real pride taken in looking sharp, whether it was in workwear or a suit. We should bring this back. The workwear of the era probably retails for $699 at some high-end men’s fashion retailers these days…

Colorized footage from the streets of NYC in 1911 further proving my point. Everyone looking dapper AF. We might have to start rocking suits and hats again.

I honestly have no clue why I ended up down this rabbit hole today, but I’m glad I did. I just love that I can share random stuff like this and nerd out on it with all of you. Much love.

Another incredible colorized video: 125 year old snowball fight in Lyon, France, 1897.

Bike Guy got mercilessly wrecked here. At least 5 snowballs at once. Guy on the right went full extension from 2 feet away. Here’s the analysis. Makes me wonder what Bike Guy did to them.

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