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4 months ago

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Simple daily challenge for this week: • 30 min tech-free walk • 30 min physical activity • 60 min focused work sprint • 30 min free reading/writing • 5 min journaling before bed Small things become big things. Join me!

I’m at 2/5 so far (focused work sprint + free reading/writing). I’ll post “Done” here to keep myself accountable for the whole week. You should do the same.

I hit the freezing cold plunge this morning in the rain. It sucked—but that’s kinda the point. One hard thing to start the day makes everything else feel easy.

For anyone asking about the benefits of the pre-bed journaling, I explained it briefly here. I’m a huge fan. Has been a major key for my sleep.

The tech-free walk: • No phone • No music • No podcasts • No articles • No audiobooks Just you, your thoughts, and the (hopefully!) fresh air. Benefits: • Resets your mind • Sparks creative thought • Gets you unstuck It works—I guarantee it.

Pre-bed journaling done. Yes, it’s 6:45pm. Don’t @ me. I’m 31 going on 80.

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