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3 months ago

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Life gets much less stressful when you realize that *URGENT* is very rarely that urgent.

I once swerved onto the grass on the side of the highway and took out my laptop to respond to a work email that felt urgent. The hold that artificial urgency has over our lives is crazy.

I recently started trying to batch my email processing to a single hour each day. It has been one of the most difficult behavioral shifts I’ve attempted to make. The urge to pop it open is so powerful. I am constantly fighting the fear that I’m missing something urgent.

Fighting back against the patterns and behaviors created by constant connectedness is a worthy pursuit. Fake Urgency pulls you away from Real Importance. It has a doubly damning effect.

What are your worst examples of the hold that urgency and connectedness has had over your life? Love to include a few in some writing I’m doing around fighting back against fake urgency and constant connectedness. Join 120,000+ others here.

Manufactured urgency is a staple of modern day news. Every story is BREAKING NEWS and world changing when it hits… Then a few days later most of it is totally irrelevant.

Urgency also feels like a paradox: When EVERYTHING is deemed urgent, NOTHING is treated as urgent. We lose sight of true urgency because we grow so desensitized to it.

It makes me cringe to think about the number of moments I missed with family and friends because of fake urgency. Leaving that dinner to reply to an email. Cutting off that conversation to reply to a text. Shortening a precious moment to check email.

Update on my attempt to batch email processing into a 1-hour window daily: I opened my email 37 (!!!) times outside of that one window. Logged it every time I opened the app on my phone or laptop. Urgency addiction is a tough nut to crack… Working on it.

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