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3 months ago

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It’s a new month—start it with a win: • Drink a big glass of water • 5 minutes of stretching/mobility • 15 minutes of direct sunlight • 15 minutes of reading • Complete 1 task you’ve been dreading Total Time: 45 minutes. Simple & Effective. Build that momentum!

I have a few habits I’m trying to build this month: (1) Daily Breathwork: 5 minutes per day of breathwork. Will be using Othership (no affiliation). (2) Daily Zone II Cardio: 30 minutes per day of Zone II cardio (per @hubermanlab recommendation). Anyone want to join me?

What are the best tools for creating accountability groups? Are there any simple platforms for this? I’m working on standing up a proper community around all of this, but in the interim, I’d love to get rolling with something light touch to connect and hold each other to it.

Just did my first breathwork session. Pretty remarkable alertness afterwards. Like I chugged a coffee. Will share learnings as I execute daily for a month.

Simple Workout Idea: If one of your current goals is to lose some weight or look cut, add 25-50 jump rope reps between every set during your normal workouts. It’s a dead simple way to burn an extra 100-200 calories per workout without it feeling like a big chore. It works.

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