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3 months ago

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If you want to improve the quality of your Twitter experience, use these settings. t.co/omVNsaJNRH

A few observations: • Dramatically reduces the noise from bots. • Improves your mental health, since you won’t be as easily exposed to aggressive, rude, or offensive comments. • Generally declutters your notifications as you scale so that you can reply to thoughtful stuff.

I’m sure some good faith accounts get accidentally muted in this, but my rough guess is it’s 95%+ accurate, which is worth it for the overall improvement in experience quality. If you are a good faith account and getting muted by this, take the easy actions to get unmuted!

There are over 300 trillion Twitter users. 99.27647% of them aren’t using it right. This is the ONE HACK that will change your life:👇

Just kidding. That stat was made up. But seriously, try it. It will make your Twitter experience at least 33% better.

Hey @elonmusk — my DMs are open if you read this and want to commission me to handle the bot problem. Here’s my qualification. t.co/4PwQRLqvPF

It would be interesting if Twitter would publish the data on how many people fall into each of these categories. The phone number one strikes me as something that a lot of good faith accounts may not be meeting the threshold of. I might try turning that off to see what happens.

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