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11 mindset shifts that changed my life (and may change yours):

Mindset Shift: Time as an asset. Most people ignore the value of their time—until it’s too late. Time is your most precious asset. It should be respected and leveraged to its fullest potential. Treat time as the ultimate currency—it’s all you have and you’ll never get it back.

Mindset Shift: Process over outcomes. When we focus on outcomes, endpoints, and goals, we are playing finite games. We set ourselves up for the disappointment that follows a miss—because we failed to hit the target—or a success—because it’s not what we expected.

When we focus on process, we are playing infinite games. We can get off the treadmill and take pride in the daily progress that comes with consistently showing up and doing what you say. Those who play infinite games will always win in the long run. 1% better every single day.

Mindset Shift: Destruction as a necessary precursor to rebirth. There’s a concept in Ancient Indian cultures that cosmic time goes through natural, recurring cycles of creation, destruction and rebirth. I believe we experience the same recurring cycles within our own lives.

Periods of creation are filled with growth and fulfillment. Periods of destruction are painful and dark. But in the context of the recurring cycles, we can recognize them as necessary for the brilliance of rebirth. Destruction (failure) is an essential part of the journey.

Mindset Shift: Learning by doing. The traditional model: Learn—>Do. The better way: Do—>Learn—>Do. You’ll always learn more in the trenches than from any classroom, book, or course. People with a bias for action will always have a competitive advantage.

Mindset Shift: Imposter syndrome as a growth opportunity. A reframe from @AdamMGrant: Imposter: “I don't know what I'm doing. It's only a matter of time until everyone finds out.” Reframe: "I don't know what I'm doing YET. It's only a matter of time until I figure it out."

This simple reframe is extraordinarily powerful. By definition, everyone is an imposter…until they’re not. Give yourself the freedom and space to figure it out. Trust in your ability to pursue your curiosity and make progress.

Mindset Shift: The only move that matters is the next move. Most people waste energy on: • Past Moves—what could have been • Future Moves—what might become The only move that matters is the next move. Don’t waste energy on the past or the distant future—focus in the present.

Mindset Shift: The only worthwhile comparison is to your yesterday. We all need to stop comparing ourselves to someone else’s today. Look in, not out—the only comparison that matters is to your yesterday. How have I changed? How have I grown? What good have I done?

Mindset Shift: Identity follows actions. If you wait to start something until you are able to make it a part of your identity, you may never get there. Actions can build identity. Start moving—you’ll notice that your identity will begin to align with the actions you’re taking.

Mindset Shift: You make your own luck. Your daily actions can put you in a position where luck is more likely to strike. It’s hard to get lucky watching TV at home—it’s easy to get lucky when you’re engaging and learning. Pursue the path that has the larger luck surface area.

Mindset Shift: Curiosity replaces envy. The next time you feel envious of someone else’s life, reframe the envy as curiosity: What did this person do to achieve the thing you are envious of? What can you learn and apply from their story to improve your situation?

Mindset Shift: Embracing feedback (vs. taking it). Feedback enables “software updates” to improve upon the old. But there’s a big difference between taking it and truly embracing it. Embracing feedback means opening up—it means being vulnerable and owning incompetencies.

Those are 11 mindset shifts that had an outsized impact on my life. Follow me @SahilBloom for writing on growth, personal improvement, and more. This is part of a deeper piece on mindset for my newsletter. Join 128,000+ others who will receive it! t.co/32basvHOHZ

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